Kristen Zaleski 2019


Women's Journey to Empowerment in the 21st Century 

Published by Oxford University Press

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Understanding and Treating Military Sexual Trauma, 2nd edition.

Published by Springer Publications.

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Published Journal Articles:

The Lived Experience of Child Marriage in the United States

Grounding Judith Herman's Trauma Theory within Interpersonal Neuroscience and Evidence Based Treatment

Modalities for Trauma Treatment

Exploring Rape Culture in Social Media Forums

Alice in Wonderland: Exploring the Experiences of Female Service Members with a Pregnancy Resulting from Rape


Comparing Holographic Reprocessing and Prolonged Exposure for Women Veterans With Sexual Trauma





Revenge Porn is Sexual Violence, not Millenial Negligence

Comments Section are Cesspools of Rape Culture, study finds August 2016

USC Study: Twenty Five Percent of online comments in rape/sexual assault articles 'blame the victim', August 2016

USC Study Feels Out Empathy in Students  June 2015


Talk Examines Military, University Sexual Assault  May 2015


Social Workers Leading the Way in Evidence-Based Therapy at Long Beach Healthcare System June 2010


Mental Health Experts Say Military Culture Condones Sexual Trauma June 2013


81% of Military Sexual Assaults Against Men Go Unreported June 2013


Sexual Assault Victims Find Solace in Social Media July 2013


Panel Addresses Issues of Sexual Assault in the Military May 2014