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  • Kristen Zaleski, PhD, LCS

Hear Me Roar Podcast interview on Rape Culture

I had the pleasure of speaking with Sara Abdullah to discuss rape culture and rape myth. Listen here:

This is a really special episode because it features Dr. Kristen Zaleski, our second-ever expert witness. Dr. Zaleski is a Los-Angeles based Psychotherapist, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and a Professor at the Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work at the University of Southern California. She is an expert on sexual trauma in both civilian and military settings. We had a really important conversation about rape culture and rape myth, and I think there’s a lot of valuable information here, whether you’ve experienced sexual trauma or not. To learn more about Dr. Zaleski or read about the study she mentions at the end of our interview, you can visit her website. Some other resources mentioned throughout the interview include the UCLA Rape Treatment Center and an organization called End Technology Abuse. Finally, although not mentioned during our interview, you may be interested in reading about the Keck Human Rights Clinic, where Dr. Zaleski works as the Director of Forensic Mental Health. If you like this episode, please share and rate it, it really supports the podcast.

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