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  • Kristen Zaleski, PhD, LCS

Dr. Zaleski is the Expert on Psychological effects of Tech Abuse and Sexual Violence.

As a teen, Leah Juliett sent nude photos to a boy who spent years requesting them. When the boy learned that Leah was gay and paying attention to other people, Leah became one of the millions of victims of revenge porn — more accurately known as nonconsensual pornography (NCP).

In this episode, Hazami Barmada explores where nonconsensual pornography is criminalized, the lack of regulation that prevents victims from getting justice, and what (little) recourse victims have in getting their life and dignity back.

Featuring policy and advocacy insights from: Leah Juliett, Founder and Executive Director of March Against Revenge Porn; Dr. Kristen Zaleski, Clinical Director at the Mental Health Collective and Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern California and Elise D'Amico, Chief Legal Officer of A4D and Co-Founder of Cyber Civil Rights Legal Project.

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